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Taber International, LLC is an engineering and automation consulting group offering fully customized solutions in smart automation, optimization, data visualization, and process control. We work with existing hardware and systems and also deploy new systems from the ground up, providing end-to-end software platforms.

Founded in 2006, Taber initially focused on combustion optimization and intelligent sootblowing applications for coal-fired electric utility generators. Over the years, we expanded our scope to include ancillary systems in thermal power plants and diversified into other industries like metals, mining, chemicals, food & beverage, manufacturing, water & wastewater, oil & gas, among others.

Why Taber?

Our goal is to help clients maximize their potential through comprehensive system enhancements and applied data intelligence.

Our unique approach combines artificial intelligence with expert knowledge to develop highly customized, effective, and adaptable applications that excel in dynamic environments, achieving multiple objectives simultaneously.

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  • technical and hands-on experience with closed-loop systems
  • computing expertise
  • rapid solution development
  • multiple computing languages
  • seamless integration with dynamic processes and environments
  • 100% repeat clients
  • expert knowledge with AI for efficient, guided integrations
  • complete solutions and benefits
  • system processes learn and adapt, adjusting automatically to real-time changes in the process

We maintain our commitment to delivering top-quality optimization solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each application, process, and customer, ensuring exceptional performance every time.

Jake Tuttle

Jake Tuttle, CEO

  I have been involved in applied artificial intelligence, optimization, and transforming the process industry throughout my career. As the CTO and Managing Partner of Taber International, I believe that dedication, hard work, and passion are the pillars of transformation, growth, and success at all levels and I will strive to bring this to every facet of my work and the work of this great company.

I have spent many years at numerous plant and processing sites, research facilities, and academic institutions, and I've seen how crucial it is for the success of any project, large or small, that the team and efforts operate in an environment of trust and meaningful contribution. Our advanced systems and services excel when they achieve consistent process enhancements while simultaneously enhancing the ease and productivity of operators, engineers, and managers. We take tremendous pride in developing long-standing relationships with all those we interact with, and in being considered a resource by them to turn to where they can receive help with any process and system challenges they face.

Taber will continue to provide this same level of dedication, attention, and honesty as we support our current friends and users for decades to come, and as we develop new relationships across all process industries and engineering fields.

Let me personally say, thank you for visiting today and I look forward to meeting you and working together for years to come

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